Blog Post #3

Can withholding knowledge be harmful to the overall standpoint of a situation based on others belief about valued awareness.

The barrier of knowledge in the process of producing goods and services demanded by consumers allows producers to regulate and run without any supervised system. With knowledge, judgment can be greatly impacted. Many things we do day-to-day is a process of trial and error. Many times we hear about toxic releases of oil in the ocean but many don’t see the whole picture because they don’t know.

Personally this really bothers me because people simply don’t even think to think further into the process of building and designing. They see what they like and wonder the price and if there is a sale soon. I enjoy working and being able to stand back and acknowledge what I have crafted. Sometimes though when working with others it can be difficult and that inflicts difficulties in knowledge people believing so strongly they know.

This issue is very problematic because it is the base of the future we are building. Any one person could believe anything within the right circumstances. There is a difference between believing to know and knowing. In order to effectively and efficiently solve situations we need to know and have a good base of how something might turn out if it is done in that certain way. I think it is quite amazing that Aristotle and Plato philosophized the spherical shape of the planet even without an ability to actually really see it.

We can all be affected in all sorts of different ways. The foods that we eat are the foods that we eat. We want believe that the dishes at a restaurant are clean when they serve our food. We believe and count on each other to be courteous when handling our food and when doing surgery.


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