Blog Post #4

*In my past, I have conducted a couple research-based assignments. Usually my research is on a specific topic with minimal choice of what to dig into. I usually kept my research based on web searches rarely broadening out to other resources. I have never had to use APA citation or Chicago. Every assignment I have had has asked to use MLA as the citation format. When looking to find information on my research topic a simple Google search has always taken me in the right direction giving me a basis for what I am headed into. Once I had a general idea of what I was looking for I would begin finding credible resources. To find a good resource, I have found that Wikipedia and many other websites cite their sources. With a good look through these sources I can narrow down on sources with good credible authors. Researching these authors and I can figure out where and how they came to conclude their findings. Another way I found good sources was going to the library and asking for help finding books on any subject matter. The library is great because it has a bank of sources, which date far beyond the creation of the Internet. The library is a legitimate source for information because it is a bank of past writings that are not changed without administrative permission.   – Edit: (*)

I have found it difficult to research and have fun. Last weekend I went fishing and I didn’t have the want to research. I wasn’t going to give up fishing and fun to research. On the flip side, researching at home protected from the sun sounds quite a bit more appealing. The concentration can only be so many places and fishing was worth it. But my past research hasn’t been too much outside of the classroom. I always like a good fun time, but only so much of it for so long. My first semester of college I did have fun like everyday. With a look back I can see that not much concentration strayed away from anything but fun. The research is not much to be proud of but still I learned a great amount. The research I would have done if I would have would maybe be focused on magic. Magic isn’t really spoken of but we love it, because of the woe in wonder. Researching the holocaust was a subject we had in high school but don’t really remember much of what we were told happened. The paper I wrote was about 4 pages in length and not about anything more than the Jewish having to hide from guards and that America saved the world.

The library I have found has quite the amount of resources for a place. I have found so many books that I wouldn’t even have imagine that someone would have wanted or needed to know. Every time I go in there I end up with 4 or 5 books in all sorts of subjects. You never know what kind of book you may come across. The sourcing in the library is nifty I think. With multiple floors and sections with different categories helps keep a good spread of information. When I begin my research it is in the library.

The library can be helpful because usually if you find one of the books there you can find many more all around it. This is where you got to be careful though because you can get lost in the books for a while and begin straying from the subject. After getting a stack I would find my favorites then return the ones, no longer necessitated, back to their shelves.

Another great addition to my research process is an additional sleeping period along with drinking lots of water and eating greatly. But most importantly watching your deadlines is an important factor. It can sometimes make writing a very stressful process and make you have to make stuff up as your write not giving yourself the ability to critique your work. It can be very painful to read and sometimes unrecognizable to which you just don’t any credit for. Time is key in researching


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