Blog Post #5

An infograph is a visual representation of information using images, graphs, etc. For my personal infograph, I will begin with a thesis statement, then use the information that I have collected through research to support my thesis statement, and lastly I will have a call to action. I will then turn this into an informative visual through the use of pictures and graphs. My target audience for my topic, the effects of smoking cigarettes, is going to be both smokers and nonsmokers. I plan on making an infograph that is going to catch the attention of my target audience. To catch my audience’s attention I am going to have to carefully choose the colors, and the writing font that I use on my infograph. Most importantly I am going to have to use information that is going to be relevant and not repetitive so that my audience is able to see the seriousness of the issue.

Personal Writing consists of letters, journal entries, memoirs, blog posts, text messages, an email, personal essay, and a literacy narrative. According to University of Regina, personal writing usually has to do with feelings, your personal reaction to something, or maybe even an experience you have had. The example I chose is explaining the experience of having to take a plastic baby home for class. I think the author chose to use the personal writing genre because they wanted their audience to be able to understand their experience of taking home the fake baby. Unlike professional writing, personal writing is used to tell a story and you get to add your own personal touch to it.

Professional Writing consists of job related documents such as cover letters, resume, and business memos. It also consists of instruction booklets, legal briefs, brochures, and reports. According to, professional writing is a type of writing used in a work environment that allows professionals to make decisions. The purpose of professional writing is to give the reader information within a workplace context. For an example of professional writing, I chose a resume. The resume follows the rules of professional writing, and I think that the author chose to do a resume because they want to obtain a job in a specific field of work.


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