Blog Post #10

Rhetoric is a way of speaking or writing to persuade or influence people through the use of different techniques.

Rhetorical Strategies:

Logos: appealing to reason

Ethos: appealing to ethics based on character, credibility, or reliability of the writer

Pathos: appealing to emotions

Anecdote: the use of a brief story told by a character

Analogy: the comparison of two things

Article – Smoking and Tobacco Cessation

This article is talking about ways that dental health professionals are trying to help their patients stop smoking because of all the horrible damages it is causing on their oral health. The rhetorical strategy they used in this article is satire. In the introduction they used a quote from Mark Twain that said “Quitting smoking is easy. I’ve done it a thousand times.” People who actually smoke are going to find this funny because it is actually really hard to smoke. This author’s persuasive goal is to catch the attention of smokers and let them know how dental professionals want to help them quit smoking to improve their oral health. I think that the use of satire in the very beginning helped them achieve their goal because it is a humorous quote that smokers are going to find funny.


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