Blog Post #11

The what of my topic is: how smoking cigarettes does damage to your oral health, and people are not aware of these damages that are actually being done when you smoke.

Possible Infographic Titles:

  • The effects of smoking on your oral health
  • What Smoking really does to your mouth?

Three topic sentences:

  • There are many negative effects of smoking on oral health.
  • The majority of smokers are not aware of the effects of smoking on their oral health.
  • There are several diseases caused by smoking cigarettes, and if they are not caught in time, they could be deadly.

After my audience reads my infographic, I want them to understand what smoking is really doing to their oral health, or what it can do to their oral health. I hope that after they have read my graphic that they spread the word around to both smokers and nonsmokers in the hopes that they care enough about their mouth and teeth, and they will think twice about smoking cigarettes.


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