Blog Post #13 defines circulation as being the public availability or knowledge of something. For example the number of copies sold of a magazine or newspaper. If there was a large number sold, then that would mean that the newspaper or magazine had a large circulation (Cite). People create and share an infographic online if they find the information to be interesting themselves and they want to share that interesting information with others all around. Someone would reach a maximum audience if they got their friends or followers on their social media sites to also share their infographics with their friends and so on. This would make it so everyone would see the information that they are trying to circulate to the public, and their specific audience would eventually see it and hopefully they would share it as well.

Knowledge is defined as the information acquired by a person through experience or through education (cite). A random person viewing my infographic would say it was knowledge if the information that was on my infographic was not word for word from my sources. If I put the information into my own words, I feel that the random people viewing my infographic would see it as knowledge.


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