Blog Post #14

Untitled Infographic

The intended audience targeted by the infographic is towards youths who are smokers and nonsmokers. The coloring of the infographic and the title itself may be what really catches their eyes. In doing so, I hope that young adults will think about where they are spending their money and for what cause. Its common to think that cancer may be the only danger to smoking but their are many downfalls to be wary of. With the use of the three rhetorical strategies, I was able to persuade and determine a valid audience willing to acknowledge the issue. By using common smoking terms that smokers understand or connect to I was able to build credibility giving the audience trust in my opinion. Starting off I wanted to keep it calm but serious, I wanted to control the mood setting into the darker side more which will really stick with the audience after viewing the piece. I feel it is easy to follow and helps remind the audience of the consequences of their actions and to be more aware.

1) Colors seem to be to much. Is it possible that I should keep it plain to be more serious of the matter?

2) Should I include more pictures, Maybe more of bad oral health?

3) Is it very balanced? (Words vs. Pictures) Should I explain more about the bad effects that could arise as a smoker?


One thought on “Blog Post #14

  1. Very good infographic and catchy to the readers. I think the colors are good and the words to pictures ratio is good in my opinion. The teeth pictures are gross which is your intentions and good. I think it is serious but yet also plain and gets the point across.

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