Blog Post #15

Critical analysis:

A critical analysis, also known as a critique, is a way of evaluating a piece of work or an idea by determining uses of rhetorical appeals, tone, and the style.

Discourse Community:

A discourse community can be an overlapping label woven in amongst us all. It is a label for groups of people practicing in communication about a particular topic.


Knowledge has a controversial meaning and has been philosophized and redefined since before Plato’s time. The definition of knowledge differs from person to person varying in ways they were raised to specializations in certain fields.   To have knowledge of something you must have a belief on the matter. Along with believing information, you must also find your belief to be true. If ­­the information taking belief is found true it is justified as knowledge.


Evidence is a term for the legitimizing a belief, either proving or disproving it based upon knowledge of its field.


In the movie, “The Big Lewbowski”,  a character named “Walter Koveks” states, “You’re out of your element Donnie!” The word, context, similarly describes the meaning of the word element used by Walter. Context describes a surrounding meaning which shines light on the topic.

The title of the informational article I chose is called, “Smoking & your dental health” brought to us by the dental health foundation. This article was very informative and gave me factual information on the risks one may be in danger of combating. Oral cancer is greatly attributed to smokers along with many other diseases and poor health defects. My understanding of the risks smokers are taking on their oral health has grown becoming aware of the damage it’s causing. I thought it was scary to acknowledge the possibility of depleting my life expectancy by 15 years.


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