Blog Post #17

To write a proper literature review you need to have at least four research sources. You then need to have an introduction that gives the details of your topic and what the problem is. After your introduction you introduce each scholar and their biography. After introducing the scholar you state what their solution to the problem is using quotes from the research source.

To get an ā€œAā€:

  • Have proper explanation of my topic and what the problem is
  • Have at least four research sources ā€“
    • At least one scholarly, peer-reviewed book
    • Two additional scholarly sources
    • A one non-scholarly source
  • Present varying points of view
  • Detail which angle of vision I personally sympathize with and why

The main point of a literature review is to summarize your research sources and to synthesize your sources in an organized manner. Literature reviews give an overview of information that is up to date. In a literature review you use evidence and quotes from the sources. When you finish your literature review, you need to make sure to revise it.

Four conventions of the genre of the literature review are an introduction, review, conclusion, and a works cited.


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