Blog Post #22

Academic Research Essay Checklist:

  • Follow the rules of MLA format
  • Create a works cited page
  • Write 6 to 8 pages
  • Have a thesis statement stating the problem
  • Discuss the problem, who is affected, who is benefiting, and solutions that have been tried
  • Come up with my own solution to the problem
  • Use credible sources

Summary of Proposal of Solution:

For this assignment I will have to use the knowledge I have gained from doing research for both my infographic and my literature review to discuss how this is an actual problem, who is affected by this problem, the solutions that have been tried, and then come up with my own unique solution to this problem.


I have trouble with the analysis portion of the rubric. It is difficult for me to put a thoughtful analysis of the sources down on paper. I know it is there, I just can’t think of the words to use on the paper itself. I also have a hard time transitioning between paragraphs in a smooth manner.


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