Blog Post #24

Work Cited

Al-shammari, Khalaf F., Mohamed A. Moussa, Jassem M. Ansari, Yousif S. Duwairy, and Eino J. Honkala. “Dental Patient Awareness of Smoking Effects on Oral Health: Comparison of Smokers and Non-smokers.” Journal of Dentistry 34.3 (2006): 173-78. Web.

  • This source is a study done on both smokers and non-smokers about the awareness of smoking effects on oral health.
  • They did a questionnaire and it showed that smoking dental patients are less aware of the oral health effects versus non-smokers.
  • It is possible that patient awareness of the effects of smoking on oral health is related to whether a patient chooses to smoke or not.

Bloom, Barbara. Smoking and Oral Health in Dentate Adults Aged 18-64. Hyattsville, MD: U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Center for Health Statistics, 2012. Web.

  • This source shows how providing patients with information about the effects of smoking on their oral health has helped patients to quit using tobacco, because many smokers are not aware of the effects of smoking on their mouth.

Khlaf, Shammari, Moussa MA, Al-Ansari JM, Al-Duwairy YS, and Honkala EJ. “Result Filters.” National Center for Biotechnology Information. U.S. National Library of Medicine, 8 Aug. 2005. Web. 01 Apr. 2013.

  • This source has information on different health problems that are caused by tobacco use and ways to point out signs of health problems. It has some statistical data on different illnesses and the severity based on length and age of use.

Martin, Terry. “Oral Cancer Overview.” Smoking Cessation. Medical Review Board, 18 Apr. 2007. Web. 01 Apr. 2013.

  • Oral cancer is the main focus for this source. It is focusing on the main cause for oral cancer which is using tobacco. This source has statistical data and also talks about the severity of oral cancer and what commonly happens when oral cancer is found.

Mecklenburg, R. E., and A. G. Christen. How to Help Your Patients Stop Using Tobacco: A National Cancer Institute Manual for the Oral Health Team. 3191 ed. Vol. 96. Bethesda: National Cancer Institute, 1996. 58. Print.

  • This book pretty much talks about how dental professionals can help their patients to stop using tobacco which is the main solution of the problem. it provides ways to reduce the amount of people who are using tobacco. These methods in this book have been proven to be successful through clinical trials.

Waranakulasuria, Saman. “Oral Health Risks of Tobacco Use and Effects of Cessation.” International Dental 60.1 (2010): 7-30. Web.

  • Oral cancer risks caused from tobacco use is mostly focused on for this source. I found lots of statistical information that will be good for providing credibility to my research. Oral health is a huge concern amongst users of tobacco, which more than 80% of people with oral cancer is caused by their use of tobacco.
  • More frequent dental check ups and more attention to daily brushing is a must which is causing more stress to need to smoke. Smoking not only is expensive but cost more for dental check-ups as well as possible cancer risks which will cost quite a lot more.

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