Blog Post #26

Out of the four composition terms I have already defined audience and discourse community. I don’t think that the definition of these terms changes from the infographic assignment to this proposal of solution assignment. In this assignment we are still going to appeal to an audience that either has the same beliefs or complete opposite beliefs in what I have to say. And discourse community in this assignment is still going to be a group of people who have the same values and the way they communicate about that goal.

Composing: according to Merriam-Webster, compose means to create or write either a piece of music or writing. It also means to free from agitation. These two definitions are different, because one is relating to a creation of something and the other one is relating to someone pretty much keeping their cool. Only the first definition relates to what we do in English 102, because throughout the majority of the course we are composing writings and research papers.

Rhetorical situation: according to Merriam-webster, a rhetorical situation refers to writing effectively in a way to persuade your audience or influence your audience.  I only found one definition for this term. I feel that this term relates to what we do in English 102 the greatest, because in every assignment we have had to use different rhetorical strategies, such as ethos, pathos, and logos, to persuade our audience.


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