Blog Post #31

Five skills that I will take away from this class are:

  • How to analyze a source to make sure that it is reliable and credible
  • How to use different rhetoric strategies to persuade my target audience
  • How to conduct proper research on a topic or topics
  • How to properly use MLA format for my academic papers
  • How to give and also receive constructive criticism from my peers

One aspect of this curriculum that I liked best was that the prep work did a good job with leading up to the main assignment. The prep work made sure that I knew exactly what I was going to be doing for the big assignment and pretty much outlined how to get a good grade on that assignment. I also liked how I got to choose what I was going to do my research on for the whole course, instead of having it chosen for me. It made it a lot more enjoyable being able to research something that I am actually interested in. Another aspect that I liked was that the information that was taught was new information and was not repetitive at all like many one hundred level classes. I learned things that I can actually use later down the road in my other college courses. For example the different vocabulary words that I didn’t know the meaning to before this class, and also writing a large research paper. Another aspect that I liked about the curriculum was that the information you discovered for one assignment could be used on the next assignment and so on. The information for the infographic, solution proposal, and the literature review were recycled for the big assignment at the end, the multimodal remix. It made learning about my research topic a lot more enjoyable by presenting my information in so many ways.

One aspect of the curriculum that I did not like as much was that the peer review partners were hard to find, it would have made it easier to just have kept the same partners throughout the whole course. Another aspect that I disliked was that it being an online class made it hard to get all my questions answered, but it was nice being able to do this independently without having to go to class every week. I also did not like how we had to blog on wordpress and sometimes we had to blog on blackboard, it made it confusing to keep track of at times. Lastly I disliked having to share things to my personal social media pages, I felt that we should have kept our school work and my social life separate.

One thing Mrs. Perez did well was having all the assignments up and ready to go before they were due. Another thing you did well was that you were very understanding of my conflicts between work and school. One thing you did poorly was forgetting to post the peer review partners, so a couple of my assignments did not get any constructive criticism. Another thing you did poorly was not place notes on my assignments on what I got marked down for.

The most important thing I learned in this English 102 class is not every website online is reliable and credible and that you should analyze it first to make sure that the information that is presented on the page comes from an author that is reliable and credible or has sources that are cited of where the information came from. I also learned that you need to cite every source you use that is not your own so you are not plagiarizing.


Now that I have finished English 102, I do not plan on continuing to share my website, because I feel that it would require a lot of work to maintain the information on the webpage that I created so that it is up to date. I do think it is important on bring awareness to people about the effects of smoking and their oral health, but I do not plan on putting any more time into this research than I already have. I have not had any responses to my multimodal text, except one person has signed my petition that I put on my webpage that I created. Three things that I learned about communicating in digital platforms is that there are many ways to reach out to your audience about a topic and not just a website with boring research information on it. Another thing that I learned about communicating in digital platforms is that you need to make sure to include where you got your information from so that you are not plagiarizing. Lastly I learned that information spreads a lot more quickly using digital platforms rather than printed platforms.

I think that writing reflections will greatly help in the future while writing tasks. One example I have is if I get a job and I am making a portfolio it will be beneficial if I have experience combining multiple different pieces of work. Sometimes it can be difficult for people to know what they should include and how they should present the information which is what I feel I am now comfortable with doing. This has been such a great year and learned a great amount about the writing curriculum.


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