Blog Post #28

Exigence: a problem or situation that prompts someone to write or speak

Rhetorical situation: according to Merriam-webster, a rhetorical situation refers to writing effectively in a way to persuade your audience or influence your audience.

Composing: according to Merriam-Webster, compose means to create or write either a piece of music or writing. It also means to free from agitation. These two definitions are different, because one is relating to a creation of something and the other one is relating to someone pretty much keeping their cool.

Discourse community: a group of people who communicate about a certain topic, problem, or particular field. It has a very broadly agreed set of common goals.

Audience: a single person or a group of people that are going to relate or be interested in the topic that I am addressing. An audience is going to want to read your book or article, and they might share the same beliefs or values as you, or they may have the complete opposite view of your topic.

Multimodality: The different modes of communication that are used by humans, it also means communication in more than one mode, for example the use of texts and graphics or text and audio. These two definitions are pretty similar for the most part. They are different, because one uses multiple ways to communicate rather than one for a more effect way of communicating.

Circulation: defines circulation as being the public availability or knowledge of something. For example the number of copies sold of a magazine or newspaper. If there was a large number sold, then that would mean that the newspaper or magazine had a large circulation.

The exigence of the video is that there is not enough awareness of what smoking does to your oral health and that people need to be aware so that they will quit smoking and better improve their oral health overall. This video got 490 views on YouTube and a couple likes. Some of the major news networks/online newspapers that have picked up the story are,, and The audience of this video would be people who smoke and people who do not smoke, because even people who don’t smoke should be aware of what smoking does to your oral health so that they don’t start to smoke. The rhetorical situation of this video would have to be the use of music, images, and dental health professionals in the video that draws the viewer’s attention and keeps their attention until the very end of the video. This video is a composition, because the author created the video using music, videos, audio, images, and other videos to make a video of their own. When you compose texts on the internet you use different modes of communication, whereas for an academic paper you only use words to communicate. Both use credible and reliable information to create the piece. There were not any comments made in the comment section of this video.


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